AI problems and solutions. Part 4

How do I see a team that should create a full-fledged AI.


Vsevolod Vasev

9/4/20211 min read

8. Team

The main backbone of the team is 15 people If there are 20 people in the team, then 5 people are a variable composition, which is connected to the main team to solve a specific intractable problem. Or to complete a task. Every 5 consists of 1-2 professionals and mini-team members.

This kind of team building can be found in the real world, for example in sports. The hockey team consists of fives. There is the first line-up, the second, and the third. As a result, I get 15 people. Each five is sharpened to fulfill its narrowly focused task, but if necessary, they can team up with the rest of the team to complete a specific task. This redistribution is important for the team since there is a field for maneuvers, you can improvise as you complete the task. There is no clear leader in the team, each team member can become a leader or try on the role of a leader. This does not mean that a person can cope with the role of a leader, it means that a person in a team will be able to learn leadership qualities and skills. Will acquire the necessary knowledge. The collective solution of the problem, in this case, will be the most effective and efficient.

Even interns who are likely to appear on the team can dramatically improve their professionalism in a short period of time and reach another level.

Professionals, when training young team members, cut off the unnecessary and focus on the acquisition of skills and knowledge.

There are two people on the team. The team needs specialists in the field of computational linguistics, a programmer, a translator from Russian into English. Join our small team to create full-fledged artificial intelligence.

After reflecting on the composition of the team and the size, as well as on the tasks that the team should perform, I came to the conclusion that it is better to create two teams.

One team is scientific, the other team is technical. The teams are interconnected. Scientific is studying the human brain. How the brain perceives and interprets information. How the brain learns new words and understands the meaning of what is said, written, or what visual techniques it uses to correctly form sentences and understand the meaning of what is said and written. Technically, this scientific research is put into practice.