Artificial intelligence, personal opinion.

A short note on AI issues


Vsevolod Vasev

9/4/20211 min read

Many articles have been written about artificial intelligence. Brand theme. And everyone has their own opinion. No wonder they say: how many people, so many opinions.

I will express my opinion on this issue.

In my opinion, people who are now engaged in the creation of AI make a big mistake when comparing AI to the human brain. They are trying to replicate the unique. The human brain is a multifunctional, universal, flexible biological system. Responsible and controlling all the work of the human body. And today, even with the technologies that exist now, it is impossible to do something similar to the human brain. This is a road to a dead end.

But it is quite possible to create a flexible, multifunctional universal system. But this system shouldn't be even remotely similar to the human brain. It should be completely different. Cold mind.

The neurons in the human brain do more than just receive and transmit and process information. They record this information received from different organs in themselves, and most likely this information is completely scattered throughout all neurons. When the next neuron dies, this information or part of it is inherited by other neurons. But it is not overwritten.

Neuron, in my opinion, is a micro recording device.

And this is its main function. Then there are auxiliary ones, namely, receiving, transmitting, and processing data. Moreover, the information in the neuron is stored in a compressed form. In one that people have not yet invented.

We instantly, in a very short period of time, can calmly recall certain memories. Without making any effort, we can switch between pictures or stop it altogether.

If this assumption (theory) is correct, then AI needs to be built on these principles, and not on those that are currently applied.