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This page is dedicated to my self-improvement as a person.

I am just beginning to realize that I am not superfluous in this world and that there are people around me, not soulless dolls. Don't be afraid to talk about yourself and what kind of person you are. It is useful to read for those who have lost themselves and cannot find their place in this world.

There is no limit to self-improvement| LAIT-c!

The more time mother nature gives you, the more you improve yourself.

Progress cannot be stopped; it can only be slowed down.

So it happens with a person, while he is alive, he improves himself ... unless, of course, he does not succumb to temptations and does not stop in his development.

Those people who you met on your life path, willingly or not, have brought both good and bad into your life. You just need to separate sometimes the grains from the chaff.

Be bold and determined. Don't be afraid to take the first step. The first step is always scary.
Go ahead boldly, do not pay attention to the opinions of the people around you. Listen to advice, but do it your way. After all, no one knows you better than yourself.
You will not find that someone will support you right away, Perhaps they will dissuade and interfere with you. If this happens, then you are on the right track. You don't need to go with the flow, you need to go against the flow. The faceless gray crowd is not your choice. Your choice is progressors and breaking of old foundations and dogmas. This is a difficult path and not everyone will be able to reach the finish line. Alone, you cannot cope with this, you will need to look for like-minded people and friends. You don't have many friends. Their strength is 1-3 people, the rest are buddies. A friend may be the person who went through fire, water, and copper pipes with you. Who did not give up in front of difficulties and remained true to himself and to you. Who supports you in difficult times and helps you find yourself. Such a friend will cover your back without thinking about the consequences. There are a few of them, but they are. You just need to find them. Having found such a friend, you can be calm and not pay attention to the factors that previously hindered you. Since your friend will take over the solution of these problems. This is not manipulation. Your friend sincerely wishes to help you. And yes, you should always keep such friends nearby and not forget about them, even on the day, in the year of your triumph. The triumph of your will. You have won and moved on. You have made new acquaintances, but a friend should always be there and rejoice with you in your victories and share your defeats with you. If you have such a friend, then you have already won and found happiness. Do not forget about them and do not throw them on the sidelines of life. And yes, he may not be your like-minded person and not share your views on what you want to create. It shouldn't mean anything to you. After all, he is just a friend.
The picture shows two friends hugging.
The picture shows two friends hugging.

Thoughts about a friend.

Internal freedom always wins over external circumstances. You just need to want to change.

A futuristic picture showing the inner world of a person. Radiance emanates from the chest.
A futuristic picture showing the inner world of a person. Radiance emanates from the chest.
Nobody puts frames and traits for you. We ourselves set ourselves a framework that we are afraid to cross. And we set ourselves a line that we are also afraid to cross. There is no need to move the frames apart, as we will still be in the cage. You just need to break the framework and cross the line to feel free ...
I erected not just frames that limited me, but erected walls that completely fenced me off from the world around me. I felt stuffy and bad in this world. But, I held on as best I could. Hiding my self, I gradually got used to this state. And I didn't know how it happens when you completely freed yourself from the framework and crossed the line that fettered you. You couldn't express yourself, you couldn't be yourself. And you were not free, not only internally, but also externally.
To live not in a free country, constantly feeling a threat to your existence. Some of these threats took place to be real, and some were invented in your fevered brain. To break out of this vicious circle and break all foundations, I had to destroy what I had erected around me. To destroy the external circumstances that hindered me. Because I felt that I was plunging into a quagmire of madness that was happening in my country. Broke with the past and do not regret it. Having passed the tests, though not everything, I found my inner freedom. And this inner freedom is becoming stronger and stronger than external circumstances. I squeeze out of myself, drop by drop, a slave, which in fact I have never been. But it was imposed on me from the outside. Limiting the already existing space, which in fact no longer existed. Internally, I became free and this is what makes me happy. Yes, my friend helped me with whom I went through fire, water, and copper pipes. I found myself, and he became better. He's smarter and younger than me. But I do not feel like an elderly person against his background, but on the contrary, I feel that I have become younger.
The most important thing is that I stopped being afraid. And I can calmly express my thoughts and act as I see fit, and not as they impose on me.
Unconsciousness is a coma of mind that brings others to Homeric laughter.
In a word, the trouble with unconsciousness is that it deprives a person of his mind, turning him into a sleeping plant. Unconscious, that is, unreasonable, unconscious being constantly strumbled out of the blue on social problems. Manipulators of all stripes profit from unconsciousness. For example, advertising, acting on the subconscious of a person, makes him act unconsciously, that is, as beneficial to advertisers.
moral relativism easily degenerates into the principle of "everything is allowed", devaluing morality instead of the supposed choice of several alternatives.
Moral equality is Used to justify one's own unseemly actions by pointing out the allegedly the same actions of the opposing party.
A typical cynic is “an emotionally unstable, nervous, suspicious, vulnerable, suspicious, pessimistic person. He sees almost everyone as an ill-wisher, does not trust anyone. , you can rely on them, and they are not at all insidious types, only thinking about how to use others more efficiently for their own purposes ", - this is how Daniel Elebracht describes the cynical man.
Marginal notes...
A person owes nothing to anyone in this life.
Any person is born a genius, but only a few realize their talent.
That linguistic differences are not an obstacle to communication between people of different cultures and worldviews. Politics divide people. And religious fanatics.
That your mistakes are your invaluable experience. The one who does nothing is not mistaken.
Swim against the tide is much more interesting than going with the flow.