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This article was not written by me. But it reflects the processes taking place in the world here and now. This article was written in 2001, based on a speech by Menachem M. Schneerson (he gave it back in 1994). What is written in this article may shock you, anger or other negative emotions. This article talks about Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians. But, any other nationality can be put in place of these nationalities. In the text you change, for example, Russians into Americans, Poles, Hungarians, Germans, Romanians, Greeks, and so on. Compare what is written with what has happened and is happening in your country.

Those people who are awake, know that they are direct descendants of the Slavs and that they inhabited all the continents of the Earth. I did not write nationalities by accident. I have not titled the article so as not to scare off the reader, and he could read it to the end and make his own conclusions from what he has read. I will give little comments on the text. And now the article itself.

Chabad and Khazaria in Russia

Here is the original text of the speech of Menachem M. Schneerson, in which he talks in detail and openly about how they plan to destroy hundreds of millions of people and make a nest for themselves in Russia - the new "Great Khazaria" ...

Plan of Jews and Israel against Russians, Ukraine and Russia

The war in Ukraine was and is being waged by the U.S. and Israel at the behest of the rabbis and in execution of the Rothschild and Rockefeller plans against the Russians and the Slavs in general. The Jewish plan is known in Russia, because the war in Chechnya also took place in accordance with this plan.

In 1992, the Chabad sect recognized M.M. Schneerson as Moshiach, God's messenger to the earth. The speech of the Jewish rabbi, the leader of the Chabad sect, Schneerson, was made in 1994. The text was officially published in the newspaper Slavyanin, N-4(32), 2001, Volgograd. After the publication, Jews in Russia filed an application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and tried to convict the newspaper editor V. F. Popov for anti-Semitism (Article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code). The court considered, heard witnesses and experts - Russian scientists, academician Y.K. Begunov and doctor of law O.G. Korotayev spoke. The court dismissed the accusation, and the text of Schneerson's speech was found to be true. Schneerson publicly uttered the plans of the Jews against the Slavs and Russians,


1. Our special tactics against the Red-Browns (and all Slavs are Red-Browns) are, by virtue of their insularity, Secret Knowledge. We will direct the main spearhead of the struggle against Slavs, except for the renegades, who are related to the Jews by the same interests. True, after we have used them for our own purposes, we will remove these "kinsmen" from our society. Slavs, and among them Russians, are the most disobedient people in the world. They are disobedient because of their mental and mental abilities, laid down by many generations of ancestors, genes which cannot be remade. Slavs, Russians, can be destroyed, but never conquered. That is why this seed is subject to elimination, and at first - a sharp reduction in its number.

2. Our methods of struggle will not be military, but ideological and economic, using security forces equipped with the most modern weapons to physically suppress the rebels with even greater ferocity than it was done in October 1993 with the shooting of the Supreme Soviet of Russia. First, we shall dismember all Slavic nations (300 million of them, half of them Russian) into small, weakened countries with broken ties. Here we will use our old method: divide and conquer. We will try to pique these countries against each other. Draw them into internecine wars with the aim of mutual destruction.

Ukrainians will think that they are fighting against an expansionist Russia, fighting for their independence, thinking that they have finally found their freedom, while they are totally dependent on us. Russians will think the same, as if they are defending their national interests, returning the lands "illegally" taken away from them, and so on. We will do all this under the pretext of different sovereignties, fighting for our national ideals. At that time, we will not allow either side to self-determine on the basis of national values and traditions.

In this war of fools, the Slavic bulls will weaken themselves and strengthen us, the main conductors of the turmoil, supposedly standing aside and not only not participating in the bloody events, but also not interfering in them. Moreover, we will completely secure ourselves. In the minds of Slavs - profane (uninitiated) we will put such stereotypes of thinking, in which the most terrible word will be "anti-Semite. The word "Jew" will be uttered in a whisper. With a few trials (like the trial of the anti-Semite Ostashvili and his subsequent extermination) and other methods (radio, television, scary movies like the revenge of the Israeli super-intelligence agency Mossad for the murder of Jews) we will intimidate the cattle so much, that not a single Jew will lose a single hair on his head while Slavs are being shot off by the thousands on the borders where Jews do not serve, in peacekeeping forces, by terrorism, by contract and criminal murders.

3. The stupid Slavic ethnos does not understand that the worst fascists are those who never, never speak about it out loud, but organize everything supposedly according to the most democratic norms (like the presidential elections in March). On the contrary, we will make the word "fascist" itself profane. This label will be feared by everyone to whom we hang it. We know very well that nationalism strengthens the nation, makes it strong. The slogan of "internationalism" is outdated and no longer works as it used to; we will replace it with "universal human values," which is the same thing. We will not allow any nationalism to rise, and we will destroy with fire and sword those nationalist movements which seek to lead the people out from under our dictate, as we have done in Georgia, Armenia and Serbia. But we will ensure the complete prosperity of our nationalism - Zionism, or rather: Jewish fascism, which in its secrecy and power is over-fascism. It is not for nothing that the UN General Assembly passed a resolution in 1975 defining Zionism as the most egregious "form of racism and racial discrimination", but, by virtue of our victorious march across the planet, rescinded that decision in 1992. We have made this international body the weapon of our aspirations to seize power over "all kingdoms and peoples.

4. Numerous population of Slavs we will deprive the national elite, which determines the development of events, the progress of the country, and, ultimately, the entire course of history. To do this, we will lower their educational level - in the next five years, we will close half of their institutions, and we will study in the other half. We will let more Armenians, Chechen's, Gypsies and the like to study there. We will make sure that the governments of the Slavic countries have as few indigenous people as possible, and they will be replaced by our Jewish elite. In the media - on radio, television, the press, in art, literature, theater, cinema, we will gradually displace the national cadres, replacing them with our own or, as a last resort, cosmopolitan ones.

There will be a humanization of education, resulting in the reduction and destruction of subjects that structure left- and right-brain thinking:

(a) Language and literature,

6) physics and mathematics.

There is no history to speak of. We're going to give the cattle our view of history, where we show that all human evolution has moved toward recognizing a God-chosen nation of Jews as rulers over the entire world. In return for national values, we will give you the patriotism of balalaikas and drunken tears. And here our goal is to replace the red-brown elite with ours.

We will not allow science to develop in these countries. And the nucleus of scientists (the Academy of Sciences) will consist of our people. We will not allow any high technology, which will lead to the complete collapse of industry, which will be narrowed to the production of necessities for a limited contingent of slaves who mine our raw materials. There are many engineers, skilled workers, and teachers among the townspeople. We will create such conditions of survival for them (no jobs, high rent, utility bills, fares) that they will themselves flee, as Russians from the CIS countries are fleeing now, to the remote villages of the north, where they will find it easier to live, which in fact will also be a deception.

Decompose the youth, and you will defeat the nation! That is our motto. We will deprive your society of young people by corrupting them with sex, rock, violence, alcohol, smoking, drugs, that is, we will deprive your society of its future. We will strike at the family, destroying it, reducing childbearing. Hitler was a foolish boy. He acted directly, openly. And had to do an incredible amount of work - millions burned, shot, buried and the like. He left bloody footprints. We act more cunningly: we will have no traces.

To reduce childbearing by at least half is to destroy 2-3 million Russians (other nationalities - my note) per year without any physical cost. No furnaces, no bullets, no graves. And no trace. No births. No perpetrators either. Let's create better living conditions for criminals than for the working cattle, let criminals be released from prisons, so there will be more murders, looting, instability. Amnesty will apply only to thieves and murderers, in short, to everyone except those convicted under the article "inciting ethnic hatred," which now replaces the law on anti-Semitism. Sow fear among the people. Fear for a life that will become worthless, fear for a job that could be taken away every minute, fear for your future... And we will rule by fear.

5. These enormous tasks will be carried out in several stages. Already now 85% of the Arctic Ocean shelf are (the public is not yet aware of this) in our hands, thanks to the confusing and unexplained to the people treaties concluded under Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Already now, one and a half million Armenians live in the lands of southern Russia - this is our outpost. At first, to deceive, we will declare an Armenian republic in the Kuban, and then, after expelling the Cossacks, we will turn it into Khazaria - Israel. It will help us that the Cossacks are constantly drunk, they love power and are ready to fight with each other on this basis. True, there is another structured organization - the Orthodox clergy. We will send our Jewish representatives to the clergy, who, according to the Talmud, are allowed to perform the rituals of other religions outwardly, while keeping their Judaism in their hearts. The rest will be bribed. And those who will not succumb - we shall destroy. Russians don't have any more or less organized structures, and the rubbish can't unite and create them, because the Russian rubbish is already drunk and degraded and is incapable of structuring.

We will drive all the Highlanders to where they should be - high in the mountains. At the same time, we will cut off the Russians from the East with the help of the Great Arc. A confederation of free peoples "Itil-Ural" will be created, cutting off the Urals and Siberia from Central Russia (Komi, Komi-Permyak Republic, Udmurtia, the great Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and the Republic of the Germans of the Volga region being created under a secret agreement with Germany). Then the arc will go lower in Kalmykia, Dagestan, Azerbaijan, and will close with Turkey. And beyond the Urals - everything is simpler: sovereign, liberated from the Russian yoke allegedly Sakha, Chukotka, Buryatia ... We will create such an intolerable situation there that the national minorities themselves will ask the "Western society" to protect them from the bloody Russian colonizers.

If in the last century the U.S. bought Alaska from Russia, then in the twenty-first century it will buy Siberia outright. This would include Siberian territories between the Yenisei in the west, the Arctic Ocean in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the east, and the borders of China, Mongolia, and North Korea in the south. These lands are twice the size of the United States itself. An acre of land would be bought for $1,000, but for the whole of Siberia, it would cost $3 trillion over 20 years. The annual payments would be 200 billion dollars, half of which would go to purchase goods from the United States. The Siberians aren't going anywhere from having to submit to some foreign influence, and the U.S. looks nicer than its Asian neighbors. After all, Vladivostok is closer to Los Angeles than it is to Moscow...

6. In order to carry out all these archival events for us, under the guise of "democratic transformation," we will give the Slavic cattle a monarchy. A puppet president for everyone. And more glitter, noise, pomp! Monarchism is good in that it sends all the energy of the masses to the whistle. It distracts from our secret active work of structuring the population according to the model we need. The president is a screen, seemingly elected by the people (and we will fake electoral procedures so that everything seems legitimate), from behind which we will manage all the necessary processes. The president will be endowed with unlimited powers. By reshuffling personnel in top positions in the security and law enforcement agencies, he will put our people in charge of them. The army, MVD, FSB and all kinds of special forces will be directly subordinated to the president. And hence - to us. We will have only strings in our hands, leading to the president's hands. And we will pull these strings as needed to implement the grand design of conquering all the tribes and kingdoms, to subjugate them by our super national, the chosen of the God of Israel.

7. But the main thing is money. They do everything. They are power. They are power. Who has the money has the weapons. High-tech. He has a hired army. Money owns the media, fooling billions of human cattle. Bribing the people we want. Taking out the unruly. Bombing resisting fans - Iraqis, Serbs, eventually Russians. It's all about capital and taking power. We have been practicing the accumulation of capital and the seizure of power for over three thousand years, and no one can compare to us in this field. You don't have your own money. Neither do you have power. You don't have it, and you won't have it! We won't! We hate you immeasurably! This hatred gives us the power to smile sweetly in your face, infiltrate your trust and lead you, showing "concern" for you and your children, future grandchildren and great-grandchildren, which in reality will not appear. You are doomed. And as long as you do not understand this simple truth, as long as you keep fidgeting, you will be beaten more than you should be. If you are obedient, there will be 65-70 million of you, otherwise there will be 40-45 million. The main thing now is to hold on to us for at least another two or three years. And then there won't be any problems for us here in this country. We will create such defenses that none of you will move. Everything that will be known to us will be controlled and secretly managed. And no one will be able to stop us!

What we will do

1. The world's reserves of industrial raw materials are being depleted, and by the beginning of the next millennium, "Western society" will not be able to maintain its present level of consumption without being fed by new sources - colonial donor countries. Therefore, our aspirations are now directed at Russia with two objectives: first - the elimination of the most powerful and independent empire, occupying one-sixth of the earth. The second - the capture of its riches, which amount to 60-70% of the world's raw materials and 75-80% of the world's discovered oil and gas reserves, concentrated in Siberia and on the shelf of the Arctic Ocean.

2. There is intense climate warming on the planet. The desert is advancing northward at a rate of 10 km per year, dehydration of the land is 25 m per year. Already now the ancient centers of the world - Athens, Rome and, most importantly, Jerusalem (Israel) fall into the zone of only artificial irrigation. In 20-30 years, one will have to think about the resettlement of huge masses of civilized peoples to the north of their present residence. By that time, the Kuban, Rostov Oblast, and Ukraine will have a marvelous subtropical climate, while the Black Earth region and the north of Ukraine will have the climate of today's PredCaucasia. If you remember history, we must recognize that these lands - the original lands of the ancient - Judean Khazaria, that is Israel, captured by Kievan Rus in the X century. The Slavs are temporary guests here and are subject to eviction.

We will return this territory and create on these fertile lands the Great Khazaria - a Jewish state, just as 50 years ago we created Israel, squeezing the Palestinians. Some Israelis will move here, and we will drive the Slavic cattle far to the north, outside Moscow. There will be a small Northern Territory - a reservation with a compact population, a reservation similar to the Indians in America.

I hope you read the article to the end. Of course, it was only about Russia... But if you read it carefully, you noticed that the Jews have used and are using corrupt politicians, the people of other countries, to achieve their goals. Once they achieve their goals, they will destroy both the corrupt politicians and the people who helped them. Don't think you will be spared this fate. First they invented the pandemic, then the monkeypox. Now they are ready to introduce electronic money in countries, thereby devaluing the currency of these countries. They are going to put microchips in the human body, thereby dehumanizing most of the world. Hysteria about artificially created hunger is being stirred up. Why artificial, you may ask? Because if you carefully read the available material on the Internet, you can find statistics saying that there is an oversupply of food. But the media will tell you that Ukraine and Russia are to blame. Especially Russia, which does not supply mineral fertilizers, so the harvest will be smaller in European countries. This is all a lie. Russia has traded in natural resources, and still does. But the government and the president under their control were given the command not to sell mineral fertilizers to Europe. Thereby condemning millions of people to starvation. The puppeteers sit in the U.S., Britain and Israel.

You can believe it or not. It is up to you. The countries of Europe are flooded with thousands of migrants who have no intention of integrating into Western society, on the contrary, they feel like masters in these countries. And the titular nations, feel like outcasts in their own country. The great migration of the Jews has begun. And you will be exterminated by any means necessary.

My opinion on the causes of the conflict in Ukraine. Published 2022.04.23

What is happening now in Ukraine did not begin on February 24, 2022, or in 2014, but much earlier. It began when the USSR attached the territories of western Ukraine, in 1939, by signing a non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany. All the filth and abomination came to Ukraine from there. These lands were ruled by Polish gentry, who incited hatred of all things Russian. It was there that such enemies of the Ukrainian people as Shushkevich and Bandera resided. This contagion gradually began to move into the depths of Ukraine and grow roots in the minds of ordinary Ukrainians. The Great Patriotic War showed the essence of the animal hatred of the Banderites toward ordinary Ukrainians, Russians, and Belarusians. It was Ukrainian nationalists who burned the Belarusian Khatyn together with its inhabitants; the Germans simply watched these collaborators' actions.

Stalin, after the war, did not uproot this contagion to the root. Most of the Banderites got off with little jail time. They were not destroyed. The Banderites hoarded all their hatred of Soviet power and were waiting for their moment of stardom to come to power. They brought up more than one generation of Ukrainians, for whom Russians and the Russian language are enemy number one.

In 2014, with the help of Western countries, including direct support from the U.S., a coup d'état took place in Ukraine. The legally elected president of Ukraine, Yanukovich, was removed from office. And the thugs from Bandera came to power. They had been waiting for this hour for decades. They no longer had to hide and whisper about their beliefs in their kitchens. They spoke openly of their hatred, spreading fear among ordinary Ukrainians. Kravchenko, the first president of Ukraine, recently confessed that he had specifically fueled the thesis in Ukrainian society that Ukraine was feeding Russia. And that Russia was exporting black earth from Ukraine to its own land. This was a blatant lie, which perplexed normal people. I myself, when I was in Odessa in 2014, heard such talk among young people. This was even before the coup.

In 2014, there will be many bloody events in Ukraine. Odessa's activists who opposed the new government will be burned. The activists will be driven into the House of Trade Unions and set on fire, not allowing them to come out. Does this remind you of anything? This is how the Nazis and collaborators in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine acted when they burned people alive in barns and houses during The Great Patriotic War II. And when people tried to go outside to at least save their children, they were brutally murdered. Watch the film "Go and See" by Elem Klimov. This film, without any retouching, shows the horror of people being burned alive. It is this film that should be shown in European countries in schools so that children can understand and realize what happened in the USSR during World War II. They should be raised on such films, not on films that show debauchery, gay pride parades, sex, filth, drugs, alcohol, and permissiveness. Then maybe today their parents wouldn't be speaking out against Russia, in defense of a supposedly democratic Ukraine.

Video about what ordinary Ukrainians think about the Maidan and the orders imposed on people by the Nazis who came to power, in Bandera form.


The Banderites directly threatened Crimeans who opposed the coup d'état. They said that they would cut out the entire population of Crimea and repopulate the peninsula with true Ukrainians. Or to put it simply, true Nazis.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk's quote, "Remember, 'We'll promise anything - we'll hang it later.

In the West, they tried not to notice such phrases. After all, in their opinion, Ukraine is fighting for its independence. Independence from whom? If Ukraine has already gained its independence after the collapse of the USSR. Or it is not so? A rhetorical question.

The Nazi bastards carried out an authentic genocide of the Russian-speaking population of these regions in Donbass and Luhanschina, shelling peaceful towns, villages and settlements with heavy weapons, killing their citizens, both Ukrainians and Russians. They were killed because they did not want to live under laws that promoted hatred and hostility and instilled fear in people.

This fear was explicitly mentioned by then Ukrainian President Poroshenko. Yes, the same Poroshenko who had a business relationship with Hunter Biden, the son of current U.S. President Biden. If you google it, you can find his speech, where this man-hater expressed his attitude towards the civilians of Donbass and Luhansk. The civilians of his country Ukraine, whom he swore to protect, not to kill.

I deeply regret what is happening in Ukraine right now. But I cannot condemn Russia either, that part of the Russian-speaking reasonable people who understand very well what is really going on. The truth about this war, the reasons for this military, artificially created conflict, we will not know soon. But we will find out for sure, because the world is changing for the better, what was usual is changing into something new and unusual. And we still have to get used to this new thing and realize that we have already entered a new era of human relations, when there will be no hunger, cold and destructive wars.

Russia's current situation.

Russia started selling energy resources for rubles. Perhaps most Russians will be happy about this. But I am not. Let me explain my position. The ruble is still pegged to the dollar and depends on it completely. For the ruble to start strengthening, it must be detached from the dollar and attached to gold. That is, 1 ruble must equal a certain amount of gold. And this should be done gradually. If you do it sharply, then the ruble will fly down, and inflation will increase. And all these processes will occur exponentially and quickly. Russia had 30 years to do it. The current government is not able to switch to the new market relations because it is completely discredited and corrupt. Now the ruble is not secured in any way, it is just cut paper like the dollar.

Putin is showing off to the world and thinks he is a macho tough guy who can bend everyone over. But he doesn't. Yes, I admit that he can win in a short time, but in the long run he will lose. There is no economy in Russia; there is Putinomics. Medicine and education are practically destroyed. There is no industry. Agriculture is at the mercy of big companies, whose leaders have patrons in the Russian government. Many farms are bankrupt, and those that remain afloat are practically unable to provide food for the vast country. There are food reserves in case of a planetary catastrophe, but this food will not be given to ordinary people. They will give it to whom they deem it necessary. Untouchable stockpiles were stockpiled back in the days of ancient Russia.

So in the near future, Russia will face hard times, just like the rest of humanity.

About God, about man, about faith and deception.

I do not believe in Jesus Christ, because that god is not mine, but the Jewish god. But, I do believe in Radomir the great wanderer who brought love to the Jewish people. And they accepted him, listened to him, and killed him. Then they made a new cult out of him called Christianity.

To this god offer human sacrifices. Taste the blood and flesh of the body of Christ. I only went to this satanic church once for baptism. I will never set foot in this temple of debauchery and profanity again. I have not taken communion and will not do so.

I am not a slave of God, and I have never considered myself a slave.

I am a free spirit man. And I like that kind of freedom better than being some kind of mental slave. This dark god demands only blind obedience and sacrifices of human souls and bodies. The greatest sacrifice in World War II was made by the peoples of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. It was the most monstrous genocide in the history of mankind. And the media only talks about the holocaust of the Jews. As if other people didn't die. If you don't agree with the holocaust of the Jews, you will be ostracized. Ring any bells? It reminds me of how the Nazis acted during World War II. They, too, chose for themselves those races and nationalities that did not conform to their ideas of the purity of the Aryan race. This list included not only Jews, but also Slavs and Gypsies. And the latter were exterminated in exactly the same way as the Jews. But no one talks about the Holocaust of the Roma. This topic is hushed up.

I am the grandson of Dazhdbog, and my father is the god Koliada. My soul is immortal and belongs to no one but me.

It is very difficult to get rid of the darkness and legacy of the Jewish dark god, Yahweh. But, I make an effort every day to get rid of his detrimental influence on my soul. This god has been imposed on people by the forces of darkness and gloom. The end is near, and I believe that soon or in the near future, this deity will be overthrown and people will wake up and remember who they are and where they come from.

It is now the year 7530 from the Creation of the World. People do not believe in the Slavic gods. Slavic, light gods do not require for themselves, your faith, and blind worship, as well as human sacrifices, they give you the knowledge that you can use for your own good and for the good of those around you. And they bring love, life, not death and oblivion.

The tragedy in Ukraine is an echo of the past...

Images of Ukraine and Russia on the background of countries
Images of Ukraine and Russia on the background of countries

What is happening now in Ukraine did not begin in 2014, as Russian propaganda claims, but much earlier. This began after the coup d'état in the USSR, which happened in 1991. A group of renegades, Yeltsin, Shushkevich and Kravchuk, with the help of the West, staged a coup d'état in the USSR. They signed the Bialowieza Agreement, under which the once united Slavic nation was forcibly divided into three states:

Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

This is how, without a single shot being fired from either side, a united people was actually destroyed. The consequences of this annihilation are now being seen in Ukraine. In this destruction of the Slavic people, the key role was played and is still played by the United States and its Western allies. The first presidents of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus were mere cogs and acted as sacrificial animals. They were taken advantage of, and then thrown out after a while, to the trash can of history.

In Russia, for some reason, it is still believed that Gorbachev ruined the USSR. In fact, this is not true.

The beginning of the collapse of the USSR was started by NKVD minister L.P. Beria, after the death of Stalin. Beria was a Jew of Mingrelian descent. He initiated the events that laid the time bomb for the collapse of the united Slavic nation. Beria initiated nationalist sentiments in the republics of the USSR, including Ukraine. A bacchanalia broke out in Ukraine, Russian-speaking people were kicked out everywhere and Ukrainian-speaking people were put in their place. The Ukrainianization of Ukraine was in full swing. It was forbidden to speak Russian, and it was only possible to speak Ukrainian. The Russians were harassed on all fronts. After eight months, Beria was removed from his post and shot. But he managed to do his dirty work.

It paid off in 1991 with the parade of sovereignty, which led to the collapse of the USSR.

Kravchuk, Ukraine's first president, recently admitted that he engaged in a policy of denigrating the Russian people and Russia. This was another man who laid the foundations for what is now happening in Ukraine. All subsequent presidents of Ukraine have picked up the baton of the first president and continued to increase the rift between the two Slavic nations, which used to be one people.

In 2014 there were events that had their root cause not in Ukraine, but in Russia. President Putin most likely (this is my assumption) was shown the will of R. Gravett, who was the incarnation of Satan in a human shell. And they showed him this will after R. Gravett's death. In his will, R. Gravett writes that everything he did on Earth is rolled back, and the men and women of the USSR will receive huge money for all the suffering they experienced during 1,000 years of his stay in this reality.

Oh, those who let Putin read this document knew exactly what they were doing. They were well aware of Putin's phobias, one of which was nostalgia for the USSR. And this document was given by monks or clergymen of the Russian Orthodox Church, who had long ago sold their souls to the devil in order to live in luxury. Satan took nothing from these people except their immortal souls. After all, the Gods gave mankind a priceless gift: free will and freedom of choice. Each person on earth makes his own choice: to live according to honor and conscience or to sell his soul to the devil, to live in luxury, while lying, hypocrisy, and destruction.

Putin has been tricked like an unsophisticated child. Putin is an thief and can't imagine his life without luxury. He has been living like this for over 20 years.

Putin has been indoctrinated with the idea that he can build USSR 2.0 and take all the money that R. Gravett bequeathed to the men and women of this country. And then he would become fabulously rich in the history of mankind.

Ha, ha, ha, naive. This was a classic Satan trap, designed just for those people who think that happiness and conscience can be bought with money.

Only R. Gravett was not referring to the Soviet Union, but to the Union of the Commonwealth of Slavic Genus. And as you can see, this is a fundamental difference. Putin believed and began to revive the USSR 2.0 at an accelerated pace. The State Duma and the Federation Council, under his control, began stamping out laws that infringe on the rights of Russians and give him unlimited power. He unleashed several wars in the former Soviet Union, annexed foreign territories, and handed out Russian passports in these territories. They were motivated by lust for profit. He was already anticipating being bathed in gold, and he didn't care about people. They were his bargaining chips. Suddenly, a pandemic broke out in the world, and his plans to build USSR 2.0 began to crumble. People began to die like flies. In 2021 alone, one million pensioners died in Russia, and how many more citizens died is unknown. Because official information is distorted and suppressed. But, Putin found a way out here, too. He began to invite migrants to work and give them Russian citizenship under a simplified procedure. Pro-Russian governments came to power in almost all post-Soviet countries, and Putin himself and his money played a major role in this. After all, he believed that any politician could be bought for money and then blackmailed and subjugated to his will. After all, this is what he was taught in the KGB.

But a country arose in his path that refused to obey him. Not only that, this country overthrew his protégé and took the path of democracy and integration with the West. And this is where my opinion diverges, what happened next. With a high degree of probability, there is a conspiracy between the Western countries and Putin's Russia to cleanse the territory of Ukraine of its population. The destruction of Slavs by the hands of other Slavs. A win-win card.

A war needs a reason, even a formal one. In 2014, there was such an occasion, the overthrow of legally elected President Yanukovich and the rise to power of nationalists who shared the ideology of the Nazis. Putin annexed Crimea and part of Donbass. And started preparing for the next war with Ukraine. Putin has been preparing for war for eight years, since he failed to achieve his goals in 2014.

In 2022, he had no reason to start a war, not even a formal one. Russian propaganda began to malfunction as the economic and demographic situation in the country deteriorated due to the pandemic. Protest sentiments increased, capital outflows from the country.

And then, I think, there was collusion with the West.

The West allowed Putin to start the war and even set a date for the invasion on February 16. But Putin, in his usual manner, decided to play his card and began the invasion much later than the agreed date. The Russian army encountered fierce resistance from Ukrainians fighting for their independence. Despite the fact that the West has played quite well in Ukraine, corrupting the minds of Ukrainians and inculcating them with Western false values. But, it could not fool a large mass of people to the end. They, the people, remembered that they were Slavs and not brainless herds or sacrificial animals. They united, temporarily forgetting their internal strife against the enemy invading their territory. And then came the massacre between the two Slavic peoples, who were once one people. Huge human sacrifices have been offered on Satan's altar. There is no other way I can write it.

And the West, at one point, imposed sanctions against the people of Russia, not against Putin and his friends. His oligarch friends simply had their property arrested, not seized. It looks very much like there was a conspiracy between the West and Putin to exterminate the Slavs and weaken them and destroy their economies. So that Russia and Ukraine would be so weakened that their territory could be seized, and their people destroyed without a single shot being fired.

The events taking place show the hatred of the West towards the Slavic people and the fear of this great nation.

Google is a criminal community.

Democracy, in my understanding, is the deliberate ability of a person to take responsibility for his words and deeds. There is no room for permissiveness in a democracy. Permissiveness arises in a society that stands at a crossroads and does not know which direction to turn. Permissiveness in society arises when the institutions of justice and power are weakened. They do not cope with the newly emerging difficulties and challenges of modern society. A situation arises when the elites are unable, the masses are unwilling. If you interpret my words in a more understandable sense, then this tension is called before -revolutionary. The revolution must take place in the minds of the people, not on the street. There must be a transformation of a consumer society, into a society of creation. If this does not happen, then society in the United States will continue to degrade. There is no true democracy in the US society, there is no conscious ability of people to take responsibility for their words and deeds. Permissiveness flourishes in this society. The slave system has not disappeared anywhere; it has been transformed and integrated into the institutions of power. Modern slave owners are the leaders and founders of corporations and companies in power, influence, and money. And their slaves are not representatives of any race, but Americans who work for little money in these corporations and companies.
Once, M. Y. Lermontov wrote the following lines about Russia:
Farewell! — unwashed, indigent Russia,
The land of slaves, the state of lords,
And you, its navy-coated marshals,
And you, their dedicated herds.
Perhaps, behind Caucasian ridges
I will be safe from your emirs,
From their all-overseeing preachers,
From their all-overhearing ears.
These lines of the poem can be applied to modern US society. If, of course, you understand the deep meaning that lies in this passage. But this article is not about the United States.
I will write an article about the USA later. This article will build on the questions and answers and comments that ordinary Americans asked me on the Quora social network. I answered questions, shared my experience, wrote comments on this social network for 1.5 years. What was normal for me was a revelation for some Americans. And I have something to say and something to tell the reader about.
In business, as in a democracy, the same laws apply. The person who opens his own business takes responsibility. Business is not about profit and money that you are able to earn; it is a somewhat broader concept. This is a will, struggle, flexibility, firmness, overcoming difficulties that will surely appear on your way. You are not a gray mass, and you never associate yourself with a faceless gray crowd. You walk alongside the crowd. Furthermore, you are changing the world under yourself. You are the best and you know it.
But, in the modern world, there are companies that think only about money and making a profit. For whom business is a means to gain power and influence. For whom reputation is something ephemeral and not measurable, and money is everything.
One of these companies is called Google.
The well-known company Google lies to users and is a hypocrite.
She exposes Internet users to the risk of being arrested and repressed by states such as the Russian Federation, China, Belarus. She sells or provides personal data of users to the special services of these countries. After that, users can be arrested and tortured by the state authorities of these countries. Moreover, Google is well aware of this, but it does not take any measures to protect the personal data of users, since the principle operates: money is everything, reputation is nothing. Removes user content at the request of government agencies, without a court order. All the talk of this company that protects your personal data is a deception. The mail services of this company are not encrypted. Your letters, including business ones, can be easily read by third parties, which carries the risk of cancellation of deals or leakage of data on these deals. Google refuses to admit its illegal actions against users and appeals to the laws of the state of California, although it considers itself to be an international company. Accordingly, it would logically be assumed that this company is obliged to comply with international law, and not the law of California state in the United States. On this basis, if a user who uses Google services and at the same time has suffered from the actions of this company as materially, morally, and physically has the right to refuse this company to satisfy their requirements. On the contrary, he has the right to claim compensation for the illegal actions of this company on the basis of the laws of his country or on the basis of international laws. You yourself understand that in totalitarian countries the legislation is repressive and is aimed at the destruction of a person. Therefore, a person who has suffered through the fault of Google has the right to appeal to an international court. Including to the human rights court, since the actions of Google fall under the jurisdiction of this court.
Any commodity-money relations in business are formalized by a written agreement signed by both parties and having the same legal force. In the age of technology, such agreements do not have to be drawn upon paper, but they must be signed with an electronic digital signature unless otherwise provided by the agreement.
Google is well aware of this but continues to mislead users. This company takes advantage of the legal ignorance of the majority of users. The terms and conditions of use of the services are not legal documents on the basis of which you may be required to pay for the provision of services. You check the box that you are familiar with and agree to the terms and conditions of use of the service, and no more. Also, this company, having taken possession of the data of your bank card, uses this data at its discretion, debiting the amounts it needs from bank cards, thereby enriching itself at your expense. Here I can make a clarification, users make out the purchase of products on the Internet using the company's services, providing their bank card details. After you provided your card details, you lost control over it. Google ignores the claims of ordinary Internet users and refuses to compensate for the losses that it caused by its illegal actions. She can fraudulently, using third-party services, try to get your personal data. I have already encountered this personally when I wrote my review on the Capterra service. I was asked to prove my identity by providing an identity card. Never do this, as such actions are fraudulent. You do not know how your personal data will be used, where it will be stored, and how it will be destroyed.
Companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon sell your personal data to those who pay more. Your personal data can be used to commit crimes, and you are found guilty. Even if you still manage to prove your innocence, your reputation will be destroyed. Remember this. These companies have so far not incurred any responsibility. Penalties do not compensate for your losses in any way. Since fines are issued by companies, and ordinary users do not receive anything. This company also requires you, if you are located outside the United States, to complete tax returns, thereby acting as a substitute for the US tax authorities. That is, it takes on fiscal functions, which, most likely, contradicts the laws of the state of California. And, if not, then the law of the state of California is wrongful and subject to revision.
The company's rules say that Google does not bear any responsibility to users of their services. From this, I conclude and, from all of the above, that Google has nothing to do with business. This is a criminal community that believes that the law is not written for them.
Such actions of the company will continue in the future, as long as we ordinary users will allow them. It is necessary to fight back such actions of unscrupulous and criminal companies together, uniting millions of people. As long as we are disunited, we are vulnerable.
I, for a free Internet, the Internet, which will have its own rules and international laws, where companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and others, did not commit lawlessness. Where users can prosecute these companies for illegal and fraudulent activities, despite the laws of the state of California, USA.
I will do my best to get as many people as possible to learn about how these companies harass and ostracize the otherwise-minded in the Internet.

West and the Beast.

This article was written by me in 2020. and was not published anywhere. Now I thought that the time has come and decided to publish it.
The lessons of World War II have not been learned by the West and certain conclusions have not been drawn. Millions of victims are forgotten and buried in history. Causal relationships are lost or forgotten. This is easier than drawing conclusions and preventing this from happening in the future. The West today is like an ostrich with its head buried in the sand: I see nothing, I hear nothing, I don’t want to know anything.
In the 50s of the last century, in one country that occupied 1/6 of the land and bore the proud name of the USSR, a monster was born. When it was small, it played, had fun, experienced human emotions along with other human cubs, but at the same time remained a monster. It learned to understand the human essence. It absorbed not all that is good in a person, but all that base that everyone has: lies, hypocrisy, fear, gluttony, avarice, and other human vices. It absorbed into itself like a sponge and grew. Then it moved to a large city that bore the proud name of a ghoul and its mummy is buried in a crypt on the main square in the capital. In general, the main square of this country was turned into one large cemetery. There, the walls and the square itself are saturated with emanations of death. There lie the main ghouls, whose hands are up to the elbows in blood, and some have their whole bodies in the blood, of tortured victims. The monster lived in a house, in the courtyard of which the postulate was promoted among human cubs: who is stronger and bolder is right.
The monster was small, weak, and therefore was repeatedly beaten by his peers and older children.
And then it realized that it needed to become stronger and signed up for the wrestling section. In this section, it met and befriended other human cubs. They had fun together, for example, they let the whisperer (fart) on public transport, fooling around, having fun. The monster grew and with him grew his friends, who would later become his adherents and soar to the unattainable height of authorities.
Let's omit some moments from the life of the monster. Several years have passed. The USSR collapsed into several small states. The state of Russia has decreased in size. But nothing has changed in it. The monster has found a use here as well. Bribes, kickbacks, drug dealing, pedophilia, banal theft. It learned hypocrisy, carried a suitcase for the mayor and governor. She hid her essence, pretended, and lied. It was waiting for its moment, its lucky ticket. Bingo! The decrepit alcoholic handed over power to her. It became the president of a country named Russia.
But, in Russia, you don't just need to come to power, you need to be able to keep it. And it remembered the all-consuming human feeling - this is FEAR! And she decided to take advantage of this, blowing up houses in the capital and not only, while killing innocent people. It was learning. She studied in her own country, practiced the method of exterminating people. The more sacrifices she brought to the altar, the stronger she became. And then the black blood of the earth jumped in price. The money did not flow in a small stream, but in a deep river. There is never a lot of money. Yes, of course, it shared scraps from its table, with these worthless little people who inhabited and still inhabit Russia. It treated them like slaves and slaves. They - these worthless little people were content with little: devour, drink, inject themselves. Of course, among them, there were people who were disgusted with such an attitude towards themselves. The issue with them was resolved radically: a bullet in the back of the head, a plane crash, a car accident, and much more that came to the mind of the monster and his perverted imagination. Of course, it did not do this itself, there are special people for this. It just voiced a thought, and they fulfilled the wishes of the monster they idolized.
People who did not want to put up with the existing order in Russia and did not find justice in their country turned to the West. And what about the West? He expressed preoccupation and concern and shook his finger. And the monster thoughtfully shaking its head continued to have fun on its territory. When there was a lot of money, it turned its gaze to the West. Began to bribe minor officials and larger ones. People love money so much. Raised agents of influence for itself. On its territory, it has created a powerful propaganda machine, which has poisoned and is still poisoning the minds of people. It developed, scattering tentacles all over the earth and was waiting for its finest hour.
It delivered its speech in Munich. It was a touchstone. It wanted to see the reaction from the West. And it saw him. Nothing, absolutely nothing. No reaction. Then it decided to try to take a piece of territory from the neighboring state of Georgia and look at the reaction of the West. The West silently swallowed open aggression against an independent state. No, of course, he expressed concern and condemnation but did not take any action. And then the monster realized that he could do anything. It began to train with neighboring states, plucking off pieces of territory one by one. And at one point he decided to try to attack a stronger enemy - Great Britain.
Since the monster could not attack with the help of military force, it applied a point effect. With the help of a chemical warfare agent called "Novichok". Of course, it used to poison another little man with a radioactive substance. He talked too much about what he didn't need to talk about. After all, the image is our everything.
But something went wrong. Great Britain got excited and decided to withdraw its diplomats from Russia. Moreover, most Western countries have followed the same path. Oh, how scary, the monster thought. It expected a different reaction from the West. But the West silently swallowed it and continued to talk to the aggressor. He introduced sanctions to which the monster did not pay any attention. After all, he had money, a lot of money. It took offense and decided, if so, then I will try to undermine you (the West) from the inside. Has turned its gaze to the Middle East. Oh, how it turned around there. The carpet bombing of cities. Hundreds of victims among the local population. It used a chemical warfare weapon called sarin there. She needed results. It was looking for the remedy that brings the maximum number of victims. It feeds on the emanations of death and grows. Hundreds of refugees flowed to the West, fleeing the monster. The West condemned the monster verbally and expressed concern. And that's it! Frames of violence against people have spread all over the world and have been forgotten. It's more convenient, why should we look at these horrors. We do not want to. And the monster continued to train to kill people.
A new negotiating president has arrived in the United States. He began to negotiate with the ghouls and monsters of the planet Earth. He thought it was possible to negotiate with them. Forgetting that they have already tasted the taste of blood and can no longer be stopped by empty talk. He forgot that if a predator has tasted human blood, he will continue to kill. Such predators are subject to unconditional destruction.
All his negotiations were deadlocked. The Senate imposed sanctions against the friends of the monster, believing that by losing money, they could influence the predator who tasted human blood. They failed. They imposed sanctions on the artery feeding the monster Nord Stream 2. The monster was offended and people all over the planet got what is happening now.
Chernobyl was the smell of flowers, COVID-19 flowers, berries are almost ripe and are called the third world war. Complete destruction of all or most of the population of planet Earth. Because the collective West is weak, depraved, and fragmented. By imposing sanctions against the monster, the West is only making a respite from a worldwide catastrophe. The monster will sit in its bunker and will not be afraid of a retaliatory nuclear strike. And the fact that little people on the surface will die, so the monster does not care. After all, he himself said that he would go to heaven, and the rest would all die.

Draw your own conclusions.

I do not want to insert any images for this text, as I think they are inappropriate here.
The picture shows children in Russian national costumes.
The picture shows children in Russian national costumes.
A small note for those who want to conquer Russia again.
You will not receive anything except birch crosses in this country.
The strength of the spirit of the Russian person lies in the fact that we know how to forgive our enemies, but if necessary, we can punish our enemies harshly and cruelly. This should be remembered by those who are now waging an information war against Russia. And calls for a crusade against Russia. Who wants to take back lands that do not belong to them.
Putin is a son of a bitch, but he is our son of a bitch. And we ourselves can solve this problem, on our own. Russians will be able to conquer their fear and wake up and become a people, not a gray mass as they are now. We were destroyed and humiliated so many times, but we endured all difficulties and hardships and were reborn each time. We have a thousand-year history. Rulers come and go, but the Russian people remain and become great.
Putin with hammer and sickle against the background of the territory of the Russian Federation.
Putin with hammer and sickle against the background of the territory of the Russian Federation.
Some people in the West admire Putin's rule in Russia. His actions in the international arena and statements on various issues. And some dream of having such a leader in their country. These people believe that the people of Russia ardently and wholeheartedly support their leader and idolize him. They do not understand that Putin's power is wholly and completely based on fear. People are simply afraid to speak out against. The very idea of ​​saying something against the authorities openly and honestly causes panic and horror in them. They do not admit this to themselves, but, on the contrary, throw out their fear, which is transformed into cruelty and anger at the people around them. The authorities skillfully manipulate these fears, constantly feeding the soil. Inventing external and internal enemies. Lies to people from the TV screen and from the Internet. People should vent their anger on Pindos, gay Europeans. These are external enemies. Migrants, gays, and other social groups are internal enemies.
The nature of such phenomena did not appear by itself. It has remained in the subcortex of consciousness since Stalin's times. After all, it was during the rule of the illiterate and cruel Stalin that this unaccountable fear appeared. Repressions have affected almost every resident of the country. People who were guilty and innocent were repressed. And the majority were not guilty. This was done in order to instill in people an unaccountable fear. So that people do not even look askance at the power and say nothing bad about this power. Totalitarianism is what this system was in the USSR. Putin, as a henchman of the past system, picked up the fallen banner and gradually, step by step, revived this fear of the unknown. Only he did all this in a softer version. Yes, they no longer shoot in the thousands. They don't put them in camps in the hundreds of thousands. They give painful injections, but they do it in a showy way. So that people wake up their ancestral memory and they remember with what horror they woke up when they heard a car stopped near their entrance and the clatter of numerous feet shod in boots and fearfully awaited the doorbell. So they came for them. And if they came to a neighbor, well, thank God, it did. It is this fear that has awakened Putin in the people, and it is through this fear that he keeps the country in subjection. The notorious Article 282 is a small copy of Article 58 in Stalin's times.
Many have already been convicted under this article, and some have yet to get acquainted with this article.
In Russia, political repression is in full swing. All media, including the Internet, fell under the control of the state. The Constitution, the judiciary, and the legislative branch have been completely destroyed. The executive branch does what it considers necessary, regardless of the opinion of the people. In fact, no one has been interested in people's opinions for a long time. Dissent is completely destroyed by targeted strikes or by squeezing dissent from the country. Obscurantism is flourishing in Russia, and the church is wholly and completely pursuing the same policy as the executive branch.
The fear of being repressed was driven into the subcortex of the consciousness of every person who then lived on the vast territory of the Soviet Union. Putin only needed to awaken this fear and make it work for him and his power. Which he successfully did. And then there is a chain reaction. The times of Stalin are still remembered by grandfathers and grandmothers, they passed this fear gene to their children, and they, in turn, also to their children, and so on along the chain. Generation after generation is shaking with fear and is afraid that someday they will come for them and they will be repressed. The media propagandize the cult of violence against the individual, saber rattles, recreated the youth army, in the image and likeness of the Hitler Youth. Wild dances are arranged on the bones of the dead soldiers and civilians during the Great Patriotic War, corrupting the very essence of what the people of the USSR did for the whole world.
The same thing happens in other countries.
For example Germany.
In the territory that was occupied by the USSR, the Germans were not humiliated as much as in the territory that was occupied by the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition: the USA, Great Britain, France.
East Germany was instilled with normal values, in spite of the socialist system and repression, which was the same there. But it should be the other way around. The USSR lost over 40 million people in that war. More than 2/3 of these deaths are civilians. Not a single one, I stress not a single country in the world has suffered such victims. The people of the USSR were literally destroyed. They were in the opinion of the Nazis subhuman. Regardless of gender, age, nationality. Children were hanged and shot for the edification of others in order to create fear among the civilian population. But the invaders got a backlash. The people woke up and rose up and won. And the whole world believes, at least the Western one, that the Jews suffered the most in that war. We are Russians who sacrificed ourselves and forgave those who destroyed us. By Russians, I mean all the people who then lived on the territory of the USSR.
On the territory occupied by the Western allies, the Germans were made to feel guilty for what they had done in full measure. From educated, proud people, they were turned into people with a constant sense of guilt. They have been and are being implanted with values ​​that are contrary to generally accepted moral norms. Moreover, morality itself was perverted so that the minority began to dictate to the majority their perverted values. The government is stirring up a wave of fear among the Germans. They make them feel like second-class people in their country. Germany was overwhelmed by a wave of refugees, with an absolutely alien culture and religion. The Germans, the titular nation, are humiliated in their own country. And they slowly and surely transform into spineless amoebas. Instead of remembering who they really are. I like the German people and their rich culture. And yes, I have forgiven you for what you did in my homeland during the war.
Germans, stop being afraid and become who you are in spirit and in essence. Remember fear kills the essence of a person, but you can kill it in yourself and become truly free. Free spirit. And he has it.
State flag of Germany
State flag of Germany

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Duolingo is a platform where users learn different languages. This company went public this year. Associates itself as a leading company that will help you learn a foreign language quickly and efficiently. The head office of the company is located in California, USA,
This will not be a complete review that advertises this platform.

I'll tell you what I ran into when I used this platform for my English lessons.

Here I advertised the Duolingo platform, which helps people to learn foreign languages. And I came across scammers in the face of this platform. Moreover, these scammers are advertised by Google Play.

I explain the fraud scheme. You register on this platform. Choose the language you want to learn and start learning it. The platform provides you with a free language learning course. But strongly at regular intervals, advises you to sign up for their paid version. Which supposedly can give you some advantages. But in fact, this is a lie and deception. The free version is no different from the paid version. The training is suitable only for those people who learn the language from scratch. At the very beginning, you will like the platform and you will be happy to work on it. But the further you immerse yourself in the language you are learning, the more clearly it will seem to you that you are standing still and not developing. This way you will have the same sentences from lesson to lesson. In which the words are simply swapped. And the meaning remains the same. New words are added, but the sentences are the same. You will not learn anything new for yourself.

If you want to subscribe to the paid version, and you definitely want to, because the learning process is based on this. You are encouraged to make this decision slowly and not intrusively.

And after a certain time, you agree to subscribe to a paid subscription. You are given 14 days for free, and then you can unsubscribe or opt for a paid subscription for up to 12 months.

Moreover, advertising for a paid subscription just screams that you will have more opportunities, do not miss your chance. Bingo! You have fallen into our well-placed trap! You have provided us with your bank card number. This is what the company needs. This is how the leaders of this company think and act. And then everything goes according to the worked-out scheme. By subscribing to a paid trial, the user understands that they have been cheated. And quite tough. As I wrote above, a paid subscription is no different from a free one. The user cancels the paid subscription during the grace period. But this no longer means anything to the company. If you want to delete your account and leave the platform, delete your personal data, then the company will provide you with this opportunity. But it will save your bank card number on its servers.

And when you calmly rest in complete confidence that you have taken all the steps to protect your personal information. Suddenly, you receive an SMS on your phone that an attempt was made to write off funds in the amount of $ 83.88 from your account. And in the mail, you receive a notification of the debt. Moreover, this company works closely with Google Pay. Moreover, having checked Google Pay, you will not find Duolingo in the subscriptions of the company.

When you decide to write a letter about company wrongdoing, you suddenly find with horror that you cannot get on this platform. The browser gives you an error.

I was lucky that I did not have such an amount on my account, so the money was not debited. Having contacted this platform by e-mail, I demanded to check information about an illegal attempt to write off funds. To which I was answered that my email address was not in their database. And that it is not us. We didn't do that. Perhaps this company learned to pronounce such phrases from Putin. Usually, he says so: we are not there, it is not us, we have nothing to do with it.

I will give screenshots of this entertaining correspondence. People should be aware of the scammers that are present on the network. And beware of similar companies and platforms. The most striking thing about this situation is that most users know about it, as they wrote to me in the chat about it. But they prefer to keep quiet and do not put such actions of this company on public display.

And, yes, as soon as I sent them a message that they tried to withdraw money from my bank card, the company abruptly fell silent and did not get in touch again. Imagine if money was illegally debited from you so that you can feel? Anger, irritation, and resentment. Then, when you calm down and try to continue learning on this platform, you will not be able to enter your personal account or create a new one. Because a fiasco awaits you. The browser starts throwing an error. And informs you that the requested page was not found. As a result, you are left without money and without training. And the scammers stayed with your money and are happy with everything.

By the way, Google is doing the same. First, he tries to write off funds from the account, and only then makes a claim. And he does it with such displeasure that you are amazed at such impudence on their part. Google is a company that claims to protect your personal information from third-party attacks.

Screenshot of a mail item
Screenshot of a mail item

This message came by email, after SMS to the phone

Screenshot of a mail item
Screenshot of a mail item

This is what I was told.

Screenshot of a mail item
Screenshot of a mail item

After these nonsensical messages, the company disappeared and did not send any more messages.

I sent them their first message. This is the first screenshot. I have not received a clear explanation of their actions towards me.