English pisses me off.

My negative emotions when learning English.


Vsevolod Vasev

9/4/20212 min read

I wrote a couple of articles here on the topic of learning English from scratch. In principle, the correct thoughts are outlined in these articles. I barely mastered the second article. I suffered for a long time, finally wrote it.

What can I say? English pisses me off. And specifically. He is different and incomprehensible. I don't hear it. The methods that are offered on the Internet are useless. Nobody asks me whether I like these techniques or not. They are trying to impose them on me. And that also pisses me off. Well, I don’t want to watch a video with subtitles, besides the Russian ones. I don't want to know what the English-speaking people sing in their songs. I like composition and music. And what they sing about there, I am violet. I tried audio listening. Moreover, I listened to English speech at the most elementary level. Of the five tasks, the maximum was able to master only three. And then, only what I could clearly hear and not the first time.

Almost all platforms for learning English are paid. English speakers everywhere are shoving their language. They say that it is necessary to study it to communicate with us. And they themselves, besides their English, do not know anything else. It is rare to meet a person who knows more than one language. And the aplomb is above the roof. And our homebrew platforms echo them. create a video supposedly motivating a person to learn English. Where they directly say that if you do not know English you are flawed and you should be ashamed. But I'm not ashamed that I don't know English. How to deal with this? In response, silence. Although, no. They send letters to pay for the English lesson. And that they have advanced technology for learning English. Kulibins, mat. English speakers could not think of anything to properly teach people to speak English. After all, those whose native language is not English understand and perceive it very poorly. They are tormented just like me, perhaps. I will not generalize.

English grammar is generally beyond the bounds. I don’t understand at all why I should cram some articles into my speech. When they do not carry any meaning. And then you don’t need to write to me that in the Russian language, too, all good in bulk. This is English, not Russian.

Finding a free native English speaker takes a lot of work. Moreover, this carrier, at least a little bit, must understand Russian speech. And how you will communicate with him. You do not know English well, he knows little or does not know Russian at all. Those who are offered on these platforms are Russian speakers. That is, not native speakers. And without a native speaker, you are unlikely to be able to learn it. No, you can pronounce English words aloud as you see fit. And then listen to the same thing, but only in the original... The idea came when I was writing. You need to try it tomorrow and see what happens.

All the same, writing articles offhand is much better than sitting and thinking about them. Especially if it's the English-speaking sector. They are all about tolerance and race.

They are clearly not all right with their heads. They also teach us how to live and what to do. Assholes, deal with your cockroaches first and then climb with your lectures to the neighbors.

Distracted. English-speaking platforms are the same as Russian-speaking ones. Almost everything is paid. There is no translation into Russian. You have to use a crappy translator that translates doesn't understand how. You can only guess what he translated for you. And everywhere they ask for money; everyone wants to earn money. In principle, I have everything.