AI problems and solutions. Part 3

The disunity of people in the creation of AI. A bit of politics


Vsevolod Vasev

9/4/20212 min read

6. Disunity

Now in the world, the disunity of people can be seen with the naked eye. This can be seen even in the creation of a vaccine against COVID. Countries such as the USA, Russia, China, France, Germany, and others are included in the race to create a vaccine. Each of these countries strived to create a vaccine as quickly and as qualitatively as possible. A vaccine with few side effects. Some countries have succeeded, some have not.

Instead of uniting in the face of the threat of extinction from the disease of millions of people, the countries were divided. We pulled the blanket over ourselves. After the vaccine was created, politics came into play. Where without her darling. And recriminations and quarrels began.

The accusations continue to this day. While people die at this time, without waiting for help from their own state. People for the most part do not give a damn whose vaccine is better or worse and what goals this or that state pursues. People want to survive and continue to live in the era of a pandemic.

The creation of AI takes place in exactly the same scenario.

Companies are competing with each other to show who can do AI faster and better. Forgetting that the more people are involved in the creation of AI, the better the result will be.

The competitive process is a good thing, I admit it. But when the competition turns into bullying of those small companies that often lack the resources to create AI, then this is meanness. Someone might argue that companies are founded to be profitable. I would agree with this opinion if I believed that AI should be in private hands. But I believe that the creation of AI can generate a new wave of technical and scientific progress, which has practically stagnated and is not moving forward.

After all, if you create AI, it will open up so many opportunities in various spheres of life that it will take your breath away. Unfortunately, people are divided.

I propose to join forces and work together to create a full-fledged AI. I invite interested persons to join the team.

7. Military use of AI.

China aims to take the lead in AI by 2030. The country's claims that AI will be used for military purposes and for carrying out cyber attacks is a growing concern. No one can predict what a state that promotes the ideals of communism and socialism, tries to impose ideology on democratic countries, conducts an aggressive policy, steals technology, bribes officials in various countries to promote its creeping expansion can do.

Communism is a utopian idea. They realize this idea through the blood and suffering of millions of innocent people.

They want to use AI technology not for peaceful purposes, but in the military, and this can lead to the destruction of humanity.